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Noble Paralegal aims to be the largest provider of mobile notarial services. Our goal is to set industry standards for aptness and quality.

Noble Paralegal has evolved from a modest paralegal staffing business to a renowned document signing service provider since its start. Our clients return to us because we provide excellent service and make the document signing procedure as simple as possible.

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Notary Signing Services

Our Notary Signing Services

You will require the services of a notary public sooner or later. When that occurs, you will have an option. Do you want to go out of your way to find one, or do you want your notary to come to you? No matter what type of notarial service you want, our mobile notary services can get one to you quickly. We promise that your work will be delivered in a timely, efficient, and professional manner.

Mobile Notary Services for Real Estates

If you work in real estate, you are well aware of how much paperwork is necessary for even the simplest of closings. You are also aware that many of these papers require a notary’s stamp and that it might be difficult to locate a certified real estate notary ready to work at any time of day or night.

As with any legal document, it is critical to ensure that the parties who sign the documents are the ones who they will bind at a real estate closing. This is when a real estate mobile notary service provider comes in handy.

Before signatures are acquired, we will assist you in ensuring and attesting that everyone present was correctly recognized, signed where their signature was necessary, and the person they claimed to be.

We may arrange for one of our countrywide notaries to perform closings in your title company’s office towards the end of the month during crunch time as part of our mobile notary services for Real Estate Closings. This allows your escrow officer to prepare and handle loan packages, allowing you to conclude more deals without the need for extra employees or a specialized escrow notary.

Mobile Notary Services for Attorneys

If you’re a lawyer, you understand how critical it is to ensure that your filings are unambiguous to protect your clients’ long and short-term interests. Notarization is required for many, if not most, essential legal documents. Documents such as divorce decrees, for example, must be notarized. Automobile bills of sale are required to be notarized in some places, but a promissory note is typically not required to be notarized.

Other power of attorney must be notarized, especially when dealing with real estate, but as with all legal papers, a notary public signing is a prudent precaution in this or any transaction where repudiation is a possibility.

Mobile Notary Services for Auto

Identity theft and credit fraud have a staggering impact on both businesses and individuals in the United States, costing the country more than $50 billion every year. The two crimes are of particular concern to car dealerships and lenders; the fraudulent purchase of an automobile offers criminals a lucrative prize that is transportable and readily transferred, allowing them to quickly switch out license plates and vanish.

When a car drives off the lot without even a down payment, a fraudulent transaction may be costly for a dealership. Identity thieves frequently use forged identification documents and finance contracts, especially during off-site contract signings.

Our Auto notary services decrease the risk of fraud and expedite the loan process, allowing you to spend less time on the floor acquiring new customers and more time on the floor validating customer IDs for a credit check.

Mobile Notary Services for Loan Signing

The loan signing procedure is sometimes lengthy and intimidating, and the last thing you want is for your clients to be dissatisfied or disheartened by the experience. Although certain factors are beyond your control, it is still in your best interest to save your customers time, money, and irritation when they sign for a loan.

That is why having a notary service on hand is valuable and time-saving. Noble Paralegal Notary Services eliminates the trouble of locating a notary public. Noble Paralegal Services’ licensed agents are available to meet you anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Notary Services for Structured Settlements

Many affidavits and other papers must be submitted, and virtually all of them must be notarized, whether you are giving a structured settlement to an accident or disability claim or purchasing the rights to an annuity that resolved one. Our structured settlement mobile notary business can handle it all, no matter how large or small the organization.

Structured settlements are also commonly acquired by businesses that give somewhat less than the current value of the periodic payments as an inducement to propose the contract to its receiver.

In response, the receiver may desire to receive a lump amount for some reason, such as a down payment on a house or a vehicle, and may believe that this usage is significant enough to accept to get less money overall.

A binding legal agreement, if approved by the judge, will mean that the seller is giving up his or her rights to the money in exchange for the agreed-upon lump sum, so notarization with a signing agent is generally required on the legal documents to ensure that the person indeed signs the agreement with annuity rights.

Whatever you require, our network of skilled and certified notaries will guarantee that your documents are signed and initialed where they should be and that all of your documents are delivered to you timely.

We Guarantee Timely and Successful Closings.

As your signing agent, we can assist you in ensuring that your closings go off without any logistical hiccups.


Our knowledge in this field provides a solid platform for a foolproof quality control assessment for your planning process.


We ensure that a certified notary public will be present regardless of jurisdiction.


Allow our notaries to manage everything. All papers are returned to you by overnight carrier or your preferred courier service.

Why Choose Notary Signing Services?

Almost every paralegal or legal assistant needs notary services. It’s a routine element of the job that relieves attorneys of the stress of meeting with every client who needs a notarization. However, being a paralegal Notary entails more than just witnessing someone sign a paper and stamping it with your seal. It is critical to understand your state’s legislation and exactly what is necessary.

A legal document that has been wrongly notarized may be a nightmare to rectify and may result in a lawsuit to ascertain the document’s intent. It might also fail to satisfy a signer’s requests due to a faulty notarization.

Not all legal documents are created equal. Powers of attorney, for example, differ from wills or trust papers, which is why every paralegal or legal assistant should be familiar with the notarial requirements of the document they are managing, such as:

  • Whose signature is required to be notarized.
  • Whether the paper must be signed in your presence or not.
  • If the signature requires witnesses, how many should there be?
  • If the paralegal Notary is willing to act as a witness.
  • State laws govern the certification of copies of a signed document.
  • The laws and ethics of notarizations for family members.

Having paralegals on staff may be critical to the success of any attorney’s firm, whether it is a solo practice, a partnership, or a big firm. Depending on your company model and field of law, they can substantially aid you in your everyday practice requirements and duties.

Notary Signing Services